The world of fast delivery

What is Quick Commerce

Quick Commerce (Q-commerce) refers to e-commerce services that manage deliveries in such a way as to reduce delivery times as much as possible.

Q-commerce applications

According to a Digital Commerce 360/Bizrate Insights survey in February 2021, 68% of consumers said express delivery would lead them to a second online order. This means that as consumer habits change, so does the way consumers relate to businesses. The emergence of quick commerce apps and startups is enabling an increasingly radical evolution in the world of delivery: for example, Walmart has introduced Walmart +, which offers same-day delivery in the US. Lidl, Delivery Hero and Carrefour have also moved to expand time-sensitive food delivery.

The evolution of food delivery in Italy

Food delivery is a service that delivers food to your door via online platforms. In recent years, Italy has witnessed a strong expansion in this field, thanks in part to new technologies and the convenience factor, which is now fundamental to the needs of increasingly demanding users. The first food delivery platform dates back to 1996. It marks the beginning of a new culture that creates a bond between customer, company and commerce. In 2015 we are witnessing a 50% growth in the food delivery market. We can see 7 million active users in Italy, of which a good 19% opt for online food services.



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