Social Commerce: when the user becomes the product

What is Social Commerce?

Social Commerce is a specific type of E-commerce, which allows consumers to purchase a product directly from dedicated applications (such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many others). Is essential the integration of social media to allow retailers to use a new channel of communication and product promotion. We can see the growth in demand for online shopping in recent years is high.

What innovation does it bring?

Social Commerce allows the user to embark on a real consumer ‘journey’, thanks to a reduction in purchasing time and a simplification at the moment of payment. All this is measured in terms of Consumer Experience (CX), i.e. the subjective relationship (positive, negative or neutral) that a customer creates during contact with the product or service on sale.

Social Commerce: the impact on our lives

The novelty that Social Commerce brings is a combination of browsing social media for personal purposes and buying products on the same platform. A report by a business agency (The Influencer Marketing Factory) has devoted an entire research study to a panel of 350 Americans aged between 16 and 38, which highlights the main habits of this new frontier of online business.

Most used social media by users

The leader in social commerce on the global stage is Instagram. The app, with more than 1 billion registered users, has created an immersive showcase that allows brands to tag products for purchase directly in posts. In fact, according to several researches, more than 70% of users make a purchase decision after seeing a post or Story on the app. During a 2021 global survey conducted by Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2021, 64% of brands said they would increase their use of Instagram as a business tool in the near future.



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