NFT: a new guarantee in the world of investment

Origins of NFTs

They were born in 2014, following a hackthon project (hangout event for computer experts) by Glitch CEO Anil Dash in collaboration with digital artist Kevin McCoy.
Then, in 2017, Canadian developers launched a game inspired by the Tamagochi of the 1990s called “KryptoKitties”.

Continuing growth

The global popularity achieved by NFTs increases by 40% in monthly web visits as of March 2021. The number of buyers acquires an increase of 166%, in relation to the number of sellers, which increases from 40 thousand to almost 123 thousand.

NFTs and the metaverse: a new worldview

The metaverse is the representation of a parallel universe that creates a link between the real and virtual worlds. NFTs are elements that enable the fusion of these two worlds. To date, gaming is the only functioning space where players can impersonate avatars and build unique looks through NFTs. Many famous fashion brands, such as Louis Vuitton and Burberry, have already made moves to be frontrunners in this new dimension.

Nike and the NFT

In 2022 will be the debut year for a number of brands in the NFT world, such as the giant Nike, which has already moved forward with the development of solutions linked to the metaverse. In November, the company launched NIKELAND(behind “Just Do It”) in collaboration with Roblox, creating an immersive 3D world.
It peaked in December 2021 when it announced the purchase of RTFKT Studios — a token company.



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