Most used programming languages for analysis

10 most used programming languages in data analysis in 2021

JavaScript (64,96%) remains the most widely used for years due to its great flexibility and the amount of content and elements it offers. Then there is HTML/CSS (56,07%), which we define as a markup language and allows arranging elements within a page. In third position we see Python (48,24%), famous for its ease and used a lot in fashion and data analysis.

The most paid programming languages

Computer language undergoes constant mutations and in order to stay up-to-date with the current trends, some programming languages are paid for, with the promise of a more efficient and up-to-date rendering.

Most used in Italy in 2022

At the first place in Italy we always find JavaScript, absolute leader of programming languages. In second position there is Java, used worldwide by about 8 million developers. And then in order Python, PHP, C#, C/C++, Go, Swift, TypeScript and Ruby.

5 apps that teach programming to kids

Generation Z children were born into a world rich in technology and from a young age have been used to using digital tools for everyday activities. The video games industry has expanded in recent years and coding games (programming languages) have sprung up, suitable for even the youngest children.



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