Generativity in companies

Social actions: sustainability

A concept to which generativity is very much linked is that of sustainability. Sustainability has been in common use for some time now in various areas and contexts. When we talk about sustainable development, we mean the conscious growth of companies and organisations of various kinds that aim to protect society and the environment.

The research method

In order to understand what generativity is and which enterprises can be defined as generative, the researcher has to carve out time for observation. We can see the most used procedure, until recently, was to go and see in the field what is considered generative in order to understand how to identify it in a certain category of behaviour at a social level. The basic criteria to be taken into account are creativity, innovation, and above all which ones gave consistent results in a process that brought value not only for themselves but also for others.

Generativity in fashion: the example of Brunello Cucinelli

Social generativity is an innovative phenomenon but at the same time very close to the present day. It is very important for companies to move in this direction in order to promise a better world to future generations.



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