8 March: International Women’s Day


The origin of International Women’s Day sees the coexistence of different theories; each of which is linked to historical events concerning women’s social struggle. We are certain that this day of celebration has its roots in the early 1900s, in a climate characterised by political revolutions and the claiming of women’s rights.

Stages of female social conquest

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, women’s role in society has for years been the victim of injustice and discrimination. Women have been able to fight for their rights, which is why several symbolic days have been established in memory of their major social achievements.

The current conditions of Italian women

To get an idea of the overall picture, in 2021 the Italian population was close to 59 million. The female population is larger than the male population by about 1,5 million (30,4 million females and 28,9 million males). Despite this, women have had to make a lot of progress to achieve gender equality; for several centuries they have been victims of harmful stereotypes such as discrimination and unparalleled physical and psychological violence.

The symbolic flower: the mimoses

The most symbolic element of 8 March is the mimoses — or mimosa. With their famous bright and cheerful yellow flowers were imported to Europe at the beginning of the 19th century. They are supposed to bloom at the end of winter, so mimosas, with their bright yellow colour, mark the end of the cold and the beginning of spring. The symbolic meaning of these flowers has always been strength and femininity. In 1946, three women deputies of the Italian Communist Party (Teresa Noce, Rita Montagnana and Teresa Mattei) chose the mimosa as the official symbol of International Women’s Day. The reasons are simple: the flowering season and the low cost of the flower. Another fundamental element is the colour which, in its symbolic language, represents the passage from death to life and automatically becomes a metaphor for women who have fought for gender equality.



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